Wezhira Reporter

Women in several Masvingo high-density suburbs are facing significant challenges due to prolonged power cuts, resulting in spoiled food items in their fridges. The inability to store perishable goods has become a harsh reality for many households, leaving them frustrated and concerned about the wastage of essential supplies.

In Chesvingo suburb prone to frequent blackouts, women are bearing the brunt of throwing away rotten meat. With refrigerators rendered ineffective during power outages, the consequences are dire, with precious food supplies deteriorating rapidly. The lack of a consistent electricity supply has disrupted daily routines and added an extra layer of hardship for many women already facing numerous challenges.

During a recently held Wezhira Community Radio Service Delivery Indaba, the community members call for better infrastructure and contingency plans to address power cuts. They urged Masvingo City to install solar units at their water treatment plant.