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Residents fume over Masvingo city dumpsite.

By  Wilson Maposa

A serious health hazard is looming in Runyararo  West high-density suburb as residents have expressed concern over the City of Masvingo’s continued use of the old dump site in the area.

The continued burning of refuse at the dumpsite has resulted in an increase in respiratory-related illnesses among residents. 

This has prompted a wave of discontent and calls for action from the disgruntled residents.

The concerned residents have taken to platforms like the Murra WhatsApp group to voice their distress. 

One resident said, “We did not sleep well last night after the burning of the dumpsite. We are suffering.” 

Another resident emphasized the need for intervention. “The city council health department should act on this issue,” he said.

Wezhira Community Radio spoke to Mayor Councillor Alec  Tabe over the escalating conversation with residents. 

The mayor acknowledged the challenges faced by residents and explained that the city is in a transition regarding waste management practices.

 He said that a new dumpsite at Cambria Farm is being prepared for commissioning but highlighted a delay in acquiring necessary landfill compactors as a hindrance.

Mayor Tabe said while there were previous announcements about relocating to the new dumpsite temporarily, operational difficulties arose due to inadequate equipment. 

The mayor assured residents that once the council receives the required compactors, they will proceed with relocating the dumpsite from Runyararo to Cambria Farm.

A local environmental health worker who didn’t want to be identified said the impact of these fumes on public health cannot be underestimated. 

Prolonged exposure to such pollutants can lead to respiratory problems,  like asthma, and pose long-term risks to the overall well-being of residents


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