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Journey to Redemption

“Alleviate Justice-Involved Persons Re-Entry Program Gives Hope to the Recently Released”

Wilson Maposa

In the heart of Masvingo, Zimbabwe, the Alleviate Justice-Involved Persons Re-Entry Program is making a difference in the lives of those who have paid their debt to society and are seeking a fresh start. Led by the passionate CEO and Founder, Makaita Magarezano, this program aims to support the reintegration of justice-involved individuals back into the community.

 Recently, the program provided bus fare to released prisoners from Masvingo Remand Prison and Mutimurefu Prison, enabling them to begin their journey towards a new life. As part of this initiative, Makaita and a dedicated team of volunteers namely Rev David Vurayayi , Yvonne Musarurwa ,Chatula, Aneesa Mpofu, and Sikhangele Sibanda worked tirelessly to ensure that
these individuals had the support they needed to transition successfully.

Volunteers from left Shylet Machido, Yvonne Musarurwa Chatula,Aneesa Mpofu, Makaita Magarizano and Rev David Vurayayi

In a heart-warming display of compassion and generosity, the program provided bus fare and distributed emergency food packs and clothing to the released prisoners. This assistance was a lifeline for many of these individuals, offering them hope and a sense of dignity as they stepped out of confinement and into the unknown.

 At Mutimurefu Prison, 222 individuals were released under this year’s Independence presidential amnesty, each one with a chance to rewrite their story and build a brighter future. Meanwhile, at Masvingo Remand Prison, 45 inmates were set free, with 30 of them lacking the means to reach their destinations. Thanks to the Alleviate program, these individuals were not left stranded but were instead allowed to reunite with their loved ones and take the first steps toward rebuilding their lives. 

As the released prisoners boarded the buses, there was a sense of optimism in the air—a feeling of second chances and new beginnings.Through the Alleviate Justice-Involved Persons Re-Entry Program, Makaita Magarezano and her team shine hope on those who often find themselves marginalized and forgotten by society. 

With each act of kindness and support, the program is not just assisting but also sowing the seeds of transformation and
rehabilitation. As these individuals embark on their journey to redemption, they carry with them the support and encouragement of a community that believes in their potential to change and grow.

The road ahead may be challenging, but with organizations like Alleviate leading the way, and justice-involved individuals in
Masvingo are finding the support they need to navigate the path to a brighter tomorrow. Together, they are rewriting the narrative of re-entry, one bus fare at a time.

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