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Masvingo resident device ways to dispose of waste

By Wezhira reporter.

Constant engagement amongst community members has resulted in a collective effort by concerned residents of Runyararo West, Masvingo Urban in educating each other on waste management.
Poor refuse collection schedules by the local authority have seen residents dumping their garbage in open spaces around the ward, polluting the environment.
The rise in used disposable baby diapers scattered in the community has become a cause of concern.
During a community chat organized by Wezhira community radio done in partnership with Masvingo United Residents and Ratepayers Alliance, in Ward 3, on how communities can protect their environment, residents said they are now educating each other on how to dispose of the diapers.

“Refuse is not collected in time here and people were now dumping their waste in open spaces around the ward.

“We are encouraging each other to dig rubbish pits in backyards and select refuse which needs to be burnt and that which can be turned into manure, thanks to platforms for debating issues.
“Things like diapers should be appropriately wrapped in a big plastic bag and be burnt, “said a resident who identified herself as Mai Tsepo.
The residents blamed the local authority for not prioritising environmental cleanliness.
As a measure to continue encouraging each other to keep the ward’s environment clean, the residents ended the community chat with a cleanup awareness at Gomba shopping center. 

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