Wezhira community radio reporter
Masvingo- Masvingo residents are still in need of vaccination awareness
education campaigns especially those targeting children as the majority of them
believe the vaccines have after effects which are making their children
vulnerable to a range of other diseases.
Speaking during this station’s health convention meeting held in the high density
suburb of Mucheke’s ward 1, the residents said that vaccines being administered
on young children are having side effects on the minors.
The residents said their children started complaining of severe headache, high
body temperatures, vomiting as well as sever running stomachs soon after
receiving measles and polio vaccines.
Zimbabwe recorded at least 700 measles related deaths as of September, with
Masvingo and Manicaland recording the highest number of casualties.
The outbreak prompted government, through the Ministry of Health and Child
Care and other partners to scale up vaccination programs throughout the
As the country was still reeling from the measles outbreak the government in
October rolled out another polio vaccination program targeting the 0-5 age
However the participants during the meeting said their children became ill soon
after receiving the vaccines.
“These vaccines they say they protect our children, but at times they are also
making our children sick.
‘’ I had to fork out more money buying medicine for my child after I had taken
him for the measles vaccination

‘’He started complaining of a head ache days after and I had to rush him back to
the clinic,” said one of the participants.
Mrs Majere one of the community based health workers in Masvingo told the
participants that there is still need for more awareness campaigns about vaccines
to citizens.
“We cannot rule out that vaccines might have side effects after one has received
them but so far there is nothing wrong with the vaccines that are being
administered in our clinics, they have been approved and proven to be effective.
“However parents need to know about these vaccines before they allow health
officials to administer the vaccines on their children.
‘’They should be able to ask any question regarding the vaccines first,” she said.